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Share Overview

Greetings, everyone, and welcome to yet another incredible post from us. Before you buy in any company, read this post to learn about Gayatri Highways Share Price Target in upcoming year down the line of 2024, 2025 …. We are providing you with comprehensive information about Gayatri Highways in detail on our website today because we know that applicants are highly interested in learning about the company, its Revenue, and the potential of this company and growth in future. Firm would be perform well or not..

Company History

Established in 2006, Gayatri Highways is a corporation that specialises in the construction, operation, and maintenance of highways, state routes, automobiles, bridges, and tunnels. Gayatri Highways has a market value of approximately ₹ 23 crores. This company will bring in about 91 crores in revenue in 2021. And about -82 crores were made in profit. The corporation had a sharp drop in revenue in 2022.

Additionally, it made 16 in profit and had revenue of about 9 crores in 2022. The firm’s revenue increased somewhat in 2023 to approximately 21 crores, and according to the same company report, its profit for the same year was approximately 171 crores.

Before we discuss Gayatri Highways Share Price Target 2024, the stock of this company is currently trading at Rs 1.30. Friends, if we discuss this firm’s final year, which is 2023, then this company made its investments in 2023. has not provided any return at all, but neither has it led investors to lose money, nor has it provided them with a favourable return over the previous five years.

Disclaimer: The above article is meant for informational purposes only and not be considered as an any investment advice. FreeUpscPdf suggests its readers to consult their financial advisors before making any money related investments/ decisions.

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