10 Mental Tricks to Learn Anything Faster

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10 Mental Tricks to Help You Learn Anything in Half the Time

When you’re cramming for a big exam or trying to finish writing your thesis, the last thing you want to think about is increasing your learning speed. However, thanks to recent research and the tricks below, it’s now easier than ever to learn anything—from new languages to difficult math concepts—in half the time. If you’re ready to get started but aren’t sure where to begin, here are 10 mental tricks that can help you learn anything in half the time. You might even find that the techniques make your everyday life easier, too!

1 – Repetition, Repetition, Repetition

The most important thing about learning anything is repetition. Repetition leads to mastery, and anything that you want to remember needs at least five repetitions of being exposed. So take whatever it is you are trying to learn and say it out loud five times each day, even if you know it already. It doesn’t matter what your level of fluency is with a language or skill. It just matters that you’re practicing on a regular basis and with focus.

2 – Sleep

People that do not get enough sleep are more forgetful and have a harder time paying attention. Having healthy habits like getting enough sleep will help you upsc. If you want to take your upsc one step further, try taking 20 minutes of an active break every hour with a quick walk around the office or stretching at your desk.

3 – Immerse Yourself in The Material

The more you practice, the better you’ll get at anything. Immersing yourself in the material is key because it forces you to think about what you’re doing and why. Give it a shot next time! The more you understand, the easier this will be.

You’ll remember these new facts forever if you really immerse yourself in them.

A good way to do this is by getting out of your comfort zone and trying something new.

Or just do things that are new for you all together – like go for a hike on an unfamiliar trail! These simple mental tricks can help you upsc aspirants memorize vast quantities of information quickly, so try them out the next time you have to learn something quickly!

4 – Familiarize Yourself With The Problem Space

To get upsc, familiarize yourself with your desired field so you know what types of problems to look for and what kind of language will be used. This can help you see patterns or understand why something works. Don’t worry about finding all the answers on day one – that’s not an effective use of time. Asking a lot of questions and researching will help you fill in some of those gaps.

5 – Visualization

One of the simplest tricks you can use is visualization. This works well for remembering information or concepts that you may have otherwise found difficult to remember. The concept is simple and easy, but extremely effective. All you need to do is close your eyes and try to envision what it is that you are trying to learn, making it as vivid as possible. Then replay this same visualization over and over again until you are successful with remembering all of it.

This mental trick can also be used for solving puzzles or problems that seem impossible at first glance but doable if done systematically. Try tackling this one step at a time by imagining yourself completing each step on your way towards finishing the puzzle or problem from start to finish and eventually getting there!

6 – Work During Breaks

Find five minutes at some point during your day to work on what you’re trying to learn. Go for a short walk, enjoy a cup of coffee, or take a break from your computer. Your brain has short-term memory, so it can juggle multiple tasks at once without making you feel stressed. When it needs more time or focus on something else, switch gears and come back when the need arises again.

7 – Take It Offline

If you really want to learn a lot of information quickly, take it offline. The more difficult the topic, the more likely you are to be able to learn it faster. If you read an English language book on topology or German verbs, you will retain so much more if you take notes and write things out as opposed to just reading and going through each sentence word by word. Or if you were learning a foreign language, what’s better than memorizing vocabulary words from one subject at a time?

8 – Get Feedback Early On

Getting feedback early on helps a student save time and make adjustments that can help them learn more effectively. Feedback does not have to be from another person, but for many students, receiving feedback from a teacher or instructor is a great way to get started. The sooner you get feedback, the easier it will be for you to improve your weaknesses and create better habits.

9 – Keep Trying New Things

In order to learn upsc aspirants, you have to keep trying new things. If there is something that you think would be a good idea for you, try it out and see if it helps. For example, if you are struggling with verbal ability, get a tutor or do crossword puzzles on a regular basis.

Give yourself enough time to practice. Just like any skill, learning takes time – so give yourself enough of it! UPSC aspirants aren’t made over night; they require training and dedication, even when you feel like giving up on them.

The best advice we can give is to just stick with your goal of improving your scores. With proper study habits and adequate amounts of sleep, you will find yourself getting closer to your desired scores every day. And when exam day finally arrives, all those hard-earned hours will feel worth it.

10 – Have a Scratchpad

A good way to get more out of your classes is by using a notepad. Studies have shown that students who take notes on paper learn more than those who write their notes on a laptop or computer. Recording lectures also makes it easier for you to study because you can highlight specific points as they are being taught and jump around within the lecture easily. Scrapbooks are another great option for keeping organized lecture notes.

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